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The Raven Magazine Spring 2022

Adam Kadlac offers an appreciation of Disney’s “princess industrial complex.” Michele Moody-Adams explores the importance of coming to terms with history. A previously unpublished essay by Mary Midgley considers the limits of bachelor philosophy. Michael Thorne considers why Wittgenstein said that learning the truth by thinking is like learning about a face by drawing it; Kenny Walden finds paradoxes in nostalgia. Helen De Cruz reviews The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow. Cover illustration by Emily C. Bernstein.

Fall 2021 cover, an illustration of playing cards

Can John Stuart Mill shed light on academic freedom? What did Wittgenstein mean by “the decisive move in the conjuring trick”? How does Twitter foster intimacy—and get us into trouble? Also: Lisa Herzog on the epistemological value of markets, Kyla Ebels-Duggan on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Sally Haslanger on Amia Srinavasan’s The Right to Sex. Cover illustration by Emily C. Bernstein.